Nachhaltiger Versand und Versandverpackung

Sustainable shipping and shipping packaging

From now on we will ship even more sustainably

From January 1st, 2021, all shipments will be sent climate-neutral.

We have also opted for the most sustainable packaging currently on the market. From now on we ship with compostable mailing bags from

You've already heard about compostable packaging and love the idea of ​​being more environmentally friendly, but you're still not sure how it all works? let us explain it to you

In contrast to conventional mail order companies, these are NOT made of plastic. The Betterbags mailers are made from plant-based materials such as PLA and a certified compostable material called PBAT (cornstarch and binder). You can easily throw the mailers in the household compost.

It looks and feels like plastic, but it's not. Not even close. It's a home compostable mailer bag and is made from 70-80% PBAT (a fully compostable copolymer) and 20-30% PLA (a fancy way of saying cornstarch). In a commercial compostable environment, it decomposes within 90 days. At home it can take up to 120 days.

The Betterbags shipping bags have a second adhesive closure and can therefore be sent a second time. Once the mailer is used up, the last person who received it can cut it up and place it in their compost bin. Once properly composted, the Betterbags will begin to decompose and turn into amazing fertilizer for the garden. This takes about 90-120 days (3-4 months). Luckily, if the mailers end up in a landfill, they'll decompose there too.

Certifications: Home Compostable (AS5810) and Commercial Compostable (AS4736) / (EN13432

And that's what they are, the Betterbags Mailer, in which we will send you your orders in the future.

Nevertheless, it can happen that the Betterbag Mailer suffers a little during the transport to you and arrives with you with a small defect. Then it would be very annoying if the fabric were damaged (dirt/wet).

Betterbags also has a great alternative for this. The Innerbags Bags.

A little tip, if you cut the Betterbags into small strips with scissors, they will decompose faster. Please make sure that all glue is removed from the Betterbag before throwing it in the compost. Please also detach the adhesive flap. There is currently no compostable glue on the market.

We are really happy to be able to send you our fabrics in this wonderful packaging from now on.

Warm regards